Jack Scaff III

Jack H. Scaff III, MSBA

Financial Advisor, VP

Jack is a Financial Advisor with a drive to simplify and coordinate estate planning issues, with the goal of optimizing overall family financial resources. He works collaboratively with a client's CPA, estate planning attorney, and other professionals to execute complicated estate administration in the most elegant way possible. He’s also passionate about two key concerns for seniors—planning for abundant and worry-free lives during the retirement years, and helping surviving spouses understand the estate process so that they continue to thrive.

Jack is a Principal of the firm and a member of the Investment Committee. He has more than a decade of experience as a Financial Advisor with the Company and more than two decades of experience in helping clients work toward achieving their financial goals. He previously worked with Seton Smoke Capital Management, Anderson Capital Management, Enright Financial Consultants, and Wells Fargo Bank. He is also a former Instructor of Finance with the University of Phoenix. Jack holds a BBA, Finance and Marketing, from Loyola Marymount University Los Angeles, and a MSBA, Finance, from San Francisco State University.