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Financial and investment blogs we like

Financial and investment blogs we like - June 2017

Some of the blogs we follow at Brouwer & Janachowski (in no particular order). This is not an exhaustive list. Just some very insightful and generous writers. We’ll add to this list of websites as appropriate. Let us know how we can improve at Christian Thwaites

1.     FT Alphaville: off market commentary and links

2.     Tim Duy: all things Fed

3.     Narayana Kocherlakota: an ex-Fed governor speaks

4.     John Kemp: go- to site for U.S. and global energy

5.     Pragmatic Capitalism: links to commentaries and ideas

6.     Calculated Risk: Go to site on all things US real estate and housing

7.     Frances Coppola: all things banking

8.     Abnormal Returns: links to markets and portfolio research

9.     Economist View: economic discussion forum

10.   Reformed Broker: Josh Brown with some real life insights

11.   Naked Capitalism: finance, banking…but nor for the faint-hearted

12.   Mainly Macro: macro from Oxford

13.   Michael Pettis: any and everything you need to know about China

14.   Bronte Capital: John Hempton on market eccentricities

15.   Marc to Market Global Capital Markets

16.   Ecstrat markets & politics; eclectic writers

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Important Disclosure:  Brouwer & Janachowski, LLC provides these links to the websites of third parties for your convenience and for general informational purposes only.  We do not endorse or sponsor the websites or third parties, nor do we control the content of these sites, nor do we review them for accuracy, completeness or timeliness of the information contained in them.  Brouwer & Janachowski, LLC disclaims any liability for the use of these websites.