We understand the special needs of attorneys....
After all, why work so hard and not live the lifestyle you've envisioned or grown accustomed to?


In over three decades of advising lawyers and law firms on growing and protecting their money, we’ve found their businesses are unique and the demands on their time formidable. Client relationships and billable hours are priorities. No surprise then that managing their personal and family finances often take a back seat to their practice.

But lawyers have special financial requirements. Unlike other business owners, there is no liquidity event at retirement. Income streams can be uneven from year to year. Maximizing savings and cash flows, and building and managing a solid investment portfolio during the practice years are critical to achieving worry-free financial freedom in retirement years.  After all, why work so hard and not live the lifestyle you’ve envisioned or grown accustomed to?

From what began 30 years ago as an endeavor to provide our attorney clients with the finest and most comprehensive financial advice, has grown into a dedicated practice group. Our focus is creating and monitoring custom-tailored financial strategies for lawyers—ones that meet their exacting expectations, and fit into their demanding schedules.


Briefs - Investment Checklists for Attorneys